Metadata Editor is the best alternative to theXifer in 2024

TheXifer is a dedicated platform designed to empower your digital files through metadata manipulation. Common metadata types like EXIF, IPTC, and XMP hold valuable information such as authorship, location, date of capture, and camera details.

Metadata editor do the same but in a better way.

Edit file metadata with theXifer

TheXifer has a free version and a premium version, in both versions you can manage the metadata of your file. With its old look, you can quickly get lost with all this information.

You have large forms with little information, but you don’t know what to use or why. Users unfamiliar with file metadata may not understand how to take advantage of file metadata.

Metadata editor vs theXifer

Welcome to Metadata Editor, where you have the power to transform and enhance your digital files through advanced metadata editing. In 2024, we proudly stand as the best alternative to theXifer, offering you a seamless and superior experience in managing, customizing, and optimizing your file metadata.

Our platform empowers you with the same capabilities as theXifer, allowing you to modify EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata with ease. However, what sets us apart is our commitment to providing an enhanced user interface, unparalleled efficiency, and innovative features that elevate your metadata editing experience to new heights.

  • Metadata editor is totally free
  • Metadata editor provide specific tool for specific use case
  • Simple user interface
  • Quick management for your file metadata

Explore the possibilities with Metadata Editor and discover why we are the top choice for users seeking precision, control, and efficiency in managing their digital file metadata. Join us on the forefront of metadata editing excellence in 2024!

Metadata editor

Modify EXIF metadata of your files and images easily with our free online metadata editing tool. Add, edit, or remove metadata with ease. Our editor enables you to adjust all existing EXIF, IPTC and XMP tags on your pictures.

Edit file metadata

Remove metadata

Remove your image metadata easily with our metadata scrubbing tool, we remove EXIF, IPTC, C2PA and XMP metadatas without change your image quality.

Remove file metadata