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We provide tools to manage your file metadata the right way. Fear not the bewildering metadata maze! We’re here to guide you out of the naming labyrinth! We have all metadata editor you need.

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We recurrently add new tools to edit your file metadata, and they always are free online editor.

Copyright metadata editor

Manage image copyright details including image credits, copyrights, and license details based on IPTC Photo Metadata Standard.

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Remove metadata

Remove your image metadata easily with our tool, we remove EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadatas without change your image quality.

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What’s File Metadata ?

File metadata is like a file’s behind-the-scenes ID card. It holds crucial details about the file, such as creation date, author, file type, and more. These hidden notes help computers and users understand, organize, and search files efficiently. Think of it as a digital filing system’s cheat sheet, making your file management a breeze. For experts, we talk about IPTC, EXIF, XMP, that’s kind of stuff.