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We provide tools to manage your file metadata the right way. Fear not the bewildering metadata maze! We’re here to guide you out of the naming labyrinth! We have all metadata editor you need.

Our tools for metadata changes

We recurrently add new tools to edit your file metadata, and they always are free online editor.

Metadata editor

Modify EXIF metadata of your files and images easily with our free online metadata editing tool. Add, edit, or remove metadata with ease. Our editor enables you to adjust all existing EXIF, IPTC and XMP tags on your pictures.

Edit file metadata

Remove metadata

Remove your image metadata easily with our metadata scrubbing tool, we remove EXIF, IPTC, C2PA and XMP metadatas without change your image quality.

Remove file metadata

What’s File Metadata ?

File metadata is like a file’s behind-the-scenes ID card. It holds crucial details about the file, such as creation date, author, file type, and more. These hidden notes help computers and users understand, organize, and search files efficiently. Think of it as a digital filing system’s cheat sheet, making your file management a breeze. For experts, we talk about IPTC, EXIF, XMP, C2PA, that’s kind of stuff.

Types of metadata you can edit

File metadata types play crucial roles in organizing and describing information. Below is a list of notable metadata types, each serving specific purposes in providing details about the content, origin, and characteristics of files across different standardized formats.

  • EXIF (Exchangeable image file format): Embedded metadata in image files, containing information such as camera settings, date, and geolocation.
  • IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council): Standardized metadata used by the media industry, providing details about the content, creator, and usage rights.
  • XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform): Adobe’s standard for adding metadata to various file types, ensuring consistency and interoperability.
  • C2PA (Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity): metadata standard, aimed at providing trustworthy information about the creation and distribution of digital assets.
  • ID3 (used in MP3 files for audio metadata): Metadata format for audio files, including details like artist, album, and track information.
  • TIFF Metadata (Tagged Image File Format): Metadata embedded in TIFF image files, providing information about the image.
  • PNG Metadata (Portable Network Graphics): Embedded information in PNG image files, including details about the image and its creation.
  • JPEG Metadata: Information embedded in JPEG image files, covering details such as camera settings, date, and geolocation.
list of  metadata types  you can change in a file